Every day, in almost every classroom across the state, teachers are using giant interactive charts as visual aids to help students learn.
Education has seen significant growth in Social Emotional Learning the past few years and we are here for it! Giving students a leg-up on how to move through their feelings, navigate tough social…
Looking for ways to spend your Federal Funding that will make a meaningful impact on your campus? The VariQuest Visual & Kinesthetic Learning Tools offer a unique approach to SEL…
Preparing students for a successful future is the most important thing educators do. We’ve gathered 5 resources to help you not only build a successful CTE program, but to create something that makes…
On June 14, 2021, Legislature passed the Texas 2021 – House Bill 279 which requires all Texas students 6th grade & up to have suicide prevention information printed on their ID cards.
States and school districts have been strongly encouraged to utilize federal funds to getting students back in classrooms for in-person instruction safely.
Color poster printers transform classrooms into enriched learning environments.  
VariQuest tools help local CTE students get hands-on experience and win big at TAFE.
The Eddins Elementary PTA provides tools that directly impact the classroom.
When other 3D printers failed, the Trifecta 800 rendered student model easily, just in time for state competition.